Wear Clothes That Matter | C9 Happy Planet Collection

Planet Earth is our home and is directly dependent on the Natural environment and what it offers us. That is why the protection of the environment is business of all of us and we must do everything we can to keep it clean.

Sustainable fashion is more than just a trend. 

It’s the need of the modern world for a more responsible attitude when it comes to clothing purchases, recognizing now what is good for him and for the environment around him and consciously choosing environmentally friendly clothes.

Clothing companies are reshaping the way they produce their clothes, ensuring better conditions for their workers and choosing sustainable materials and ways to make clothes, thus strengthening the effort to reduce the ecological footprint.

C9 staying true to its love for the environment, but also for you, continues its C9 Happy Planet collections that aim to spread the message that it’s all about progress and hope for our planet.

By choosing C9’s eco-friendly clothes, you are also choosing to help our planet breathe. C9’s sustainable clothing is made with love and care and is designed with environmentally friendly materials and sustainable processes.

C9’s eco-friendly clothes feature original designs and a variety of colors, are statement pieces and timeless, as they are made with love and care from fabrics that have not been treated with harsh chemicals, such as organic cotton, eco-friendly rayon and durable bamboo fiber.

The choice of sustainable pieces is an investment, as they are clothes resistant to time and at the same time you escape from the trends by choosing quality over quantity.

In C9 we wear clothes that matter!


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