It was some years ago when we understood that love knows no limits. It’s a journey full of experiences, moments and passion for everything we love.

Cloud 9 by L was born in the name of love. In the name of love for fashion. In the name of love for ladies.

Our mission is to make every lady feel as if she is on the top world. Like she is on Cloud 9!


There is a point when a woman discovers who she is.

When she stops the frantic search and accepts herself, imperfections and all.

When she is guided by what she feels right to others.

This understanding comes to some women at 20, to others at 50, to some, never.

Our target is more mature, more accepting of herself.

Our target is:

  • Is free
  • Is independent
  • Is powerful
  • Is unique
  • Is special
  • Is brave

Cloud 9 by L:

Will constantly elevate the standard of fashion in every category it enters.

Will create fashion.

Will inspire.

Will motivate.


  • Self Expression
  • Authenticity
  • Freedom
  • Uniqueness


  • Real
  • Confident
  • Independent
  • Powerful
  • Optimistic


Whatever Cloud 9 by L says must ring true.

Its voice is clean and clear, pure and uncluttered.

Cloud 9 by L speaks only when it has something to say.

Its vocabulary contains, no “ad-land”, no hype, no puffery.

Cloud 9 by L doesn’t “sell itself” or boast.

This is no way means Cloud 9 by L doesn’t Indict its competition.

But its purpose in using indictment is to let the consumer know what unmet need has now be enmet, not to point a finger at the competition.


Cloud 9 by L, doesn’t worship stereotypes.

Forget the rules! If you like it, wear it!

Show who you really are through your style, because your style states your personality!

So, be authentic! Be the complete NAKED YOU!

Get dressed…stay naked!


We are here to create fashion for authentic women!

Cloud 9 by L will constantly elevate the standard of fashion in every category it enters.


Cloud 9 by L is a registered trademark for Fashion Valley Single Member P.C.,  tax registration G.E.M.H  no. 143861803000, 74, Doukissi Plakentias str , Athens