Spring Getaway || Cloud 9 by L

If you are one of the lucky ones who are preparing a mini-escape for Easter and have not yet decided what to pack in your suitcase, C9 has selected for you some statement pieces essential for a spring getaway.

The clothes you should include in your suitcase should first be key pieces, so you don’t have to take much with you, but at the same time maintain your style.

A statement blazer will help you style it with different ways, since it is a versatile piece and you can wear it from morning to night.

T-shirts and jeans are must-have pieces, because you need to feel comfortable when you’re taking your walk in the countryside or on the island.

An airy floral dress is also a must for a spring getaway, because it’s the perfect spring piece, otherwise a leopard print mini dress is the top choice for special occasions.

Finally, a PJ set is the definition of effortless look and it is the most comfortable thing you can wear this season. Pairing it with the right accessories every time, it can be worn from morning to night.


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