Winter Flame | New Collection FW2020-21

October 10, 2020


Everything around the world in 2020 seems to has lost its light and everyone is stuck in the dark. Maybe someone will think that fashion can not save anyone. Maybe it’s true. But fashion gives something that most people can not see with their bare eyes, it gives hope and freedom. Freedom to be the real you, freedom of expression, a way to uncover your soul. A way to show your message to the world – the show must go on, I’m good, and I am looking extremely good!


It’s a season all about colors , colors are our passion & desire.

 It’s a season to show our statement.

 It’s the collection we play with bold mixed print & Rock n roll embroideries.

 It’s the collection shows our attitudes , authenticity , freedom & wildness.

This is what Winter Flame by C9 stands for, finding the light in these dark times we are living. To give all women the freedom to be themselves, break norms and find their own light. No matter how dark it will be, be fearless, light your inner flame. The truth is that where is a desire, there is always gonna be a flame. We don’t have to wait for the right moment to come, sometimes we have to put fire on what’s inside us and let it all burn to find the real pieces that will surface from our ashes.


The light truly comes from inside. They say: “ It is during the darkest moments that we must focus to see the light”. There you are, light up your own winter flame and let it burn. You have to remember that doesn’t matter if it burns, it is not going to kill you, just reminds you that you are alive and all you have to do is try.