Valentine’s Day rocks!

Valentine’s Day rocks!

Valentine’s Day rocks!
February 11, 2019

Cloud 9 by L was born in the name of LOVE. In the name of love for fashion, in the name of love for ladies. Therefore, we are celebrating Valentine’s Day and we believe so are you! In a relationship or single, there’s no reason not to celebrate love! 

Whether you’re headed to a romantic dinner for two or just hanging out with your besties who you really love and believe deserve a celebration, this day you might wanna dress up a little and look your best!

Going for a flirty look?

Romantic dinner? Celebration with the love of your life? Yes, you definitely need to go flirty… What better choice than a dress?     


The Alissa Velvet dress screams sexy but with a definite rock touch! It comes with a flattery cut and and an elegant metal zipper. The absolute choice for the absolute love celebration night out! Leather accessories and a hat will make the look even more feminine.

And he won’t be able to take his eyes off of you …

Wanna be festive but cool for a girls’ night out?

Just girls on Valentine’s? After all love is of many kinds. And the friends’ love is really valuable in a girl’s life! So go out and celebrate it!

There’s definitely going to be some dancing, right? So you’ll need an outfit that is festive, cool and sexy but comfortable also!

                                                                                                                                                          Combine the Solstice Velvet skinny pants, crafted in a soft velvet stretchy quality with the matching Morta Velvet Shirt and complete the look with a statement white t-shirt and booties. There, ready to go and shake it up with your besties!     

Looking to stand out with a rock attitude?

Yeah, well you should! You wanna rock on Valentine’s Day, right? Maybe with your partner or even maybe join an anti-Valentine’s party …it’s been a trend lately! So you need a rock, impressive piece to throw on that looks like an absolute killer.


The Elena Retro Floral Print Dress is just the thing! Floral black & white print which is girly enough but if you dress it up even further with leather army boots, a head band and lots of silver accessories you’ll create a rock look that will definitely make you stand out from the crowd.

Happy rock valentine’s day!! Enjoy it whatever you do!                        


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