Sale’s Eleven | C9

Sale’s Eleven | C9

 Sale's Eleven | C9
 November 9, 2020

Might 11.11 be Single’s day, but for C9 it’s Sale’s Eleven day!


Most people around the world are so afraid of being single, but we at C9 don’t agree! Being single means that you can focus on yourself. It’s a party of expression, it’s a celebration of freedom and self-love. Double eleven for C9 means, double freedom, double happiness. Being single enables you to focus on number one, you!

This is something that we should celebrate, not look down! It’s the day that you are definitely on cloud 9,  the highest part of the sky, the top of the world!

What’s the best way of celebrating than shopping on sales? A gift from you to you!


C9 takes part in this sales party and invites you to join this celebration. For this day all C9 customers will have 11% extra sale by using the code “C911” on our website or via phone!

Take the blazer you like, the boots you wanna walk in, the dress you feel fearless when wearing it. Life is too short, go buy the things you want, what makes you happy, what makes you feel free!

What makes you feel like you are on…Cloud 9!


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