Rock a power Blazer | Cloud 9 by L

Rock a power Blazer | Cloud 9 by L

 Rock a power Blazer | Cloud 9 by L
 October 16, 2020

The evolution of the blazer nowadays, has made this essential piece one of your wardrobe’s greatest assets and musts. It no longer remains a necessity for boring, corporate office dress codes—the best blazers are the ones that have the power to take on any form, and work effortlessly for every occasion..

C9 knows how to rock a power blazer for FW2020 and make women feel fearless to the core and discover their own persona through our new collection. Dress one up for a dinner date, throw one to do the grocery in the corner store, or wear one for pretty much anything in between!

The galaxy blue blazer “Lisette”

The Gray-Gold played blazer mixed with leopard print “Antriana”

The zebra printed blazer “Adina”

The Tailored wool blended blazer “Callen”

The Oversized obsession “Layla”

Classic cut silhouette blazer “Esme”

Whatever your personal style in your life is, a print lover or someone who strictly sticks to monochrome and more classic fit items, it’s fairly likely that you need to have at least one blazer in your wardrobe. The one that will make you walk out of that door full of confidence with attitude like you own the world-cause you do!


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