Fashion Inspiration: Polka dot mania

Fashion Inspiration: Polka dot mania

Fashion Inspiration: Polka dot mania
February 15, 2019

Polka dots are a timeless classic that we enjoy wearing. Always popular, always cute, a fun print that can be mixed with almost everything!

Polka dots take us back to the 50s elegance, to the curvy pin-up girls always smiling. But the truth is that this special print never went out of fashion. We can find it on the runways of every new season, in many different combinations.

We love the playful vibe the dots bring to our outfits and that is why we are suggesting some of our own favorites and tips on how you can wear them:

  • A polka dot shirt is a must have item for every season. You can wear it with jeans for an easygoing morning look or with leather pants for a sexy rock style tonight! We went a step further, paired the polka dots with animal print and created one of our bestellers: The Melona Mixed Print Shirt.  The animal print details bring a feminine and flirty touch to our favorite print!
  • You can’t go wrong with a polka dot dress ! You can choose the Reeva shirt dress styled with a jean jacket for a morning-to-evening look! It’s perfect for the office but still ideal for a drinks & finger food gathering with your friends after work!
  • For a more girly approach you can choose the Titanium Polka Printed Dress, cut with a loose fit but if you pair it with red ankle boots and a red belt you add a fresh twist and the perfect color combination with the black and white print! 
  • Need something special for a date night? Remember that amazing combination of the polka dot shirt with animal print details? Well… in a dress it’s even hotter! Wear the Rogue Mixed Print Dress for an effortless, totally sexy chic style with an eccentric edge!

Whatever you choose wear it with a smile ! It’s the key to a perfect day or night !


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