Denim Love

Denim Love

Denim Love
28 Μαρτίου 2019

Denim, an absolute trend of all times, an endless love, our first choice when it comes to clothing!

The story behind denim says that it was used in manufacturing trousers for Italian sailors in the 19th century. Since then, the use of denim has evolved and you can find it everywhere! It’s stylish, it’s classy, and it’s a must! Girls love it and designers love it! It can be comfortable & cool or chic & sexy!

Even better is the choice of tencel denim fabric. It’s the highest quality denim which is of botanic origin, provides natural comfort and a silky smoothness. Really worth trying the feeling of this unique denim fabric!

We believe it is one of the most essential fabrics in a girl’s closet so we decided to suggest some ways of wearing it:

*A denim dress is one of those classic wardrobe essentials that never go out of style. Even better if you choose a denim shirt dress with which you can play and create many different styles.

For example, you could add a belt to help define the waist, and pair it with loafers for a casual work outfit or accessorize it with red booties and a hat for a rock, stylish outfit for your night out!

Clover Tencel Denim Shirt Dress: All season tencel denim shirt dress, crafted in 100% tencel, designed with classic chest pockets with C9 metal tab, metal button closure and classic collar. Find yourself wearing anytime you need.jj

* A total denim look is also something a girl should dare! Mix and match different shades for a powerful, rock and easy going outfit.

Pair your favorite stonewashed jeans with our Ishi Star Tencel Denim Shirt

and feel like you’re the star wherever you go!

A jean jacket is also a classic wardrobe piece that will never let you down! It’s flattering, it works for all seasons, and it looks good with everything! So we can easily state that investing in one is always worth the money.

It will look great in combination with your favorite dress and heels but you can also wear it at work or throw it in your summer vacation bag for those evening moments when the weather gets chilly.

Inka Embroidered Tencel Denim Jacket or Arlina 3D Denim Jacket…. Which one fits your style more?

Whatever you choose, no matter which style you loved more, always remember to add your own personal touch… Dress to express your inner self!


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