C9 Shoes | The vintage, handmade obsession

C9 Shoes | The vintage, handmade obsession

C9 Shoes | The vintage, handmade obsession
October 23, 2020


C9 comes to shake things up for this Fall-Winter collection and fill your wardrobe with the most stylish and must-have pair of shoes. Details make perfect for C9 and let’s be real: no matter how many shoes a woman has, there is always some room for more!

Handmade, vintage sneakers

Sneakers. How to wear them? Simply with everything! Start your day with an office look and get your drink in the evening after a busy day in sneakers. Vintage, handmade with rusted effect and details that make them pop in the eye, will make you add them in your shopping cart immediately!

Handmade Leopard Sneakers With Vintage Finishing AXEL

Handmade Sneakers With Vintage Finishing White PENNY

Handmade High Top Sneakers With Vintage Finishing SHEENA

Ηandmade High Top Sneakers With Vintage Finishing RUDIE

On the road Biker Boots

Biker Boots. The all day thing to go for winter. C9 created the most fashionable, comfortable rock chic leather biker boots to elevate your style. All our boots are handmade from the finest raw materials adapt perfectly to both relaxed and refined looks. All the biker boots feature symbolic star & logo embroidery decorations, to show our identity and signature to the world -to make women feel powerful and special.

High Heel Long Boots FAUVE

High Heel Western Mules ROMONE

Leather Boots Black WALLY

Silver Ankle Boots With Vintage Finish IGNACIA

Let’s face it. You can’t say no, it’s ok. C9 totally gets you, go buy the shoes you like, do what makes you feel beautiful, what makes you feel confident, what makes you feel simply, you!


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