C9 Denim | You Decide Who You Are

C9 Denim | You Decide Who You Are

C9 Denim | You Decide Who You Are
 March 5, 2021

There is a point in our life when women discover who they really are. Discover their own story and get to decide who they want to be.

And yes – knowing who you are is hard. Give yourself a break from time to time.

We try our best, but we don’t always do our best. Since we are the architects of our own lives, we have to lead ourselves to paths that are full of emotions and create our own story.

In C9 every Garment has its own story.

Each piece is a different love story from us to you.

The steps are clear for C9 : care for earth, mend when torn, reuse when worn, feel C9 creation, love yourself.

Our love hides in the seams.It’s the French seam garment which takes double time but looks perfectly neat & clean.

Our love whispers from the material, it’s the very special high quality ECO fabric- TENCEL, that preserve the nature & protect our planet.

This product is made by love.

It’s simply unique, just like you!

Join the C9 world, get dressed stay naked!


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