C9 Christmas Vibe | keep shining!

C9 Christmas Vibe | keep shining!

C9 Christmas Vibe | keep shining!
 December 23, 2020


In C9 what we are certain of, is that Christmas require positive vibes. We have to leave behind all the negative thoughts and focus on our happiness, our loved ones, our family, on us.

Christmas is always a beautiful chance to let our shine light up, begin new things, set new goals and look at the bright side of life.

Maybe these holidays will be unique because of all the changes in our lives , but there’s no reason why we shouldn’t take some time for ourselves to look and feel our best in C9 total looks! 

Spread the holiday spirit, the love & the light that you have in you and overflow all the people in your life with your energy! 

You don’t have to forget that we have to keep shining and let this light guide us to new experiences, new memories ! 

Put on your favourite C9 outfits wherever you wanna go, and wear what lights up your soul, what makes you feel simply you!


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